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Small to Midsize Business Coaching to Increase Sales Revenue,
Profits and Organization capabilities.
High Impact Professional Business Coaching
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An Execution Company

You know how most training, coaching and performance improvement programs are a waste of time, money and are never long term sustainable in behavior change? We fix that problem once and for all!

We'll take your "A "game to your next level of Success.

Here’s the reality: Just “Good” will never be enough anymore. We won’t let you settle for just being good, any longer. We’ll challenge you to think more, become more deliberate, more intentional, and become the thought leader that everyone turns to for direction and guidance.

How we can make your Life Better

Increased Sales and Profits

Work/Life Balance

More Free Time

Peace of Mind

More work with your Ideal Clients

Finally. A Good Night's sleep

More closed Deals with real opportunities

High Team Morale

Four Ways I Can Help You Today

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Coaching the Coach

Our best results come from a 3-6 Month commitment with the following elements included:
1. Coaching Assessment
2. Coaching Diagnostics and Discovery
3. Solution/ Recommendations

This is ideal for sales, customer service leaders who want to grow team or individual performance results by elevating their coaching capabilities with their customers, clients, and teams

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Guiding Vision and Mission Workshop

In my view, everything starts with a compelling Vision.If you'd like to overhaul your guiding principles, your vision, mission statement, core values and more, we can get it done in a single day. Sign up for our Guiding Vision and Mission Workshop Now!

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Professionalism, Communication, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

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Professional Development Goal Setting Process

In this 6 - 12 month meeting process we'll together identify 3-5 Key Performance Areas (ex: communication, time management, personal/professional development, and set 3-5 Measurable Goals monthly and celebrate progress along with key areas of opportunity to take your game to the next level.

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Professionalism, Communication, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

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Sales Training Workshop

Most sales training is philosophical, Ours is practical,and immediately usable in the real world. You'll walk away with a customer centric, repeatable process versus a "pushy sales" approach that turns people off. I'll teach you how to talk and email customers in a way that they start placing orders.

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Professionalism, Communication, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

What our Clients Say

Elijah Condellone Was with another company when working with Dennis

“Simply put…Dennis is one of the strongest consultants I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. More than that, he is a superb coach and mentor. Over the past 3 years, I benefited greatly from my experience working with Dennis. With him as my mentor and coach, I was able to take a new team in a new department and build them into what can only be described as high-performing. We saw an increase in new business development, engagement, and overall job satisfaction as a direct result of my working with Dennis. My team was in the top 5% of the organization in terms of production and contribution to exceeding goals in FY13 and FY14. Dennis is a master of his trade. His ability to invoke change in people, departments, and companies is uncanny. His consultative style is unmatched and extremely effective. Many thanks to Dennis and the Outsell team for all the work they’ve done with my colleagues and me.”

Kim Owens Was Dennis' client

“Dennis delivers results. As executive and personal coach he turns actions into focused outcomes. As a facilitator he engages a room and ensures active learning. Whether he is working 1:1 or 1:30, Dennis’ subjects know that he is personally vested in their success. Dennis models what he teaches: preparation, focus and basic leadership fundamentals delivered with consistency. Any team that works with Dennis will benefit from his many strengths, including: His diagnostic skills allow him to quickly assess the situation, identify root issues, and deliver targeted coaching. His preparation and follow through provide valuable insights and focus. Given his genuine concern for the people and organizations he serves, Dennis is quickly embraced as an extension of any team.”

Jenna Cohen Workforce Solutions Advisor, B2B, University of Phoenix, was with another company when working with Dennis at OutSell Consulting

“I have had the pleasure to listen, watch and most importantly learn from Dennis. Dennis has a way with a crowd to draw in your attention, get you to listen, learn and WANT to perfect the skill that you are working on. Dennis is very supportive and works to get you to be the best version of you to make a difference. What I appreciate most of all about Dennis is his motivational skills, Dennis is able to motivate people individually as well as in a crowd and really helps you to not just know what your goals are but to understand your goals inside and out in order to see what steps and action items you need to take and make to accomplish, succeed and work towards more goals. Thank you Dennis for all that you have taught me, I keep your trainings in mind everyday as I work to become a better version of myself!”

Becky Falvey Was Dennis' client

“We have worked with the Outsell team for years. I personally have worked most closely with Dennis Klemp. Beyond a great business partner, Dennis has also been a mentor and a coach to me. His approachability made my team feel comfortable receiving coaching from him, his energy and enthusiasm makes the time together invigorating and fun! Dennis also has demonstrated sincerity and integrity; by taking a genuine interest in making my team and I better at what we do and serving as a trusted advisor to each of us. I would recommend Dennis and the Outsell team to any organization looking to improve its business results.”

Sean M. Snow National Accounts, Workforce Solutions, University of Phoenix, was with another company when working with Dennis at OutSell Consulting

“Dennis is a class act. Resistance is the lock to a slow moving individual and the key is patience, of which Dennis has. Despite my habitual hard headedness, Dennis worked with me and helped me better hone my craft. While he was only able to work with me personally for a short amount of time, he impressed me with his charisma, charm, professionalism and most of all his patience. His visit with my team left a lasting impression on me. I hope to be able to work with him again.”

Brian Schmidt CPCU, CIC, was Dennis' client

“Dennis has been a fantastic coach, I use his strategies and tools daily. Working with high-profile prospects can be overwhelming for anyone; through the coaching I’ve received from Dennis I feel even more confident to engage with larger prospects than ever before.”

Tom Green Was Dennis' client

“Consummate Professional is the phrase that immediately comes to mind when I think of Dennis Klemp. When you work with Dennis you get nothing less than his “A” Game at every encounter. You can always count on Dennis to show up polished, prepared and ready to dedicate his boundless energy to the task at hand. An outstanding presenter, Dennis is as comfortable with a large audience as he is with one-on-one coaching and he is extremely effective at both. Throughout my career, Dennis’ keen insights and astute observations have challenged me to constantly improve and I have learned as much from Dennis Klemp as from anyone else in my career. I would strongly recommend Dennis Klemp for anyone who is looking to improve their performance and achieve excellence.”

Paul Bartick President, Bartick Consulting Group, worked directly with Dennis at OutSell Consulting

“Dennis was my colleague for 7 years while I was Vice President at OutSell Consulting. Dennis’ work was outstanding in many areas. First and foremost is his ability to sell and manage projects that yield significant ROI to his clients. Dennis excels at building relationships and growing accounts because he exceeds his clients’ expectations with tremendous communication skills and a ferocious work ethic. Dennis is also a very effective facilitator and accomplished program developer. Personally, I learned a lot of management and sales skills from working with Dennis. I absolutely miss him as a colleague. The man is world class.”

Scott Davis Was Dennis' client

“I had the unique opportunity to spend 2 days of training with Dennis; he is a knowledgeable and talented individual. His insights / approach to improve; execute strategy and tactics for our organization was impressive. Dennis has the exceptional ability to communicate and engage individuals at all levels of the organization. If you ever have the opportunity to work with Dennis you should make it a top priority. He will change your organization for the better and increase your organizations go to market strategy. It was an honor and a privilege to work with and get to know Dennis.”

Frank C. Hollister, IV Was Dennis' client

“Dennis is an ideal executive coach – providing a realistic game plan focused on outcomes and clarity of goals, excellent results- oriented mentoring, creative thinking and a reliable “back to basics” approach to leadership and management. By implementing a clear roadmap and dashboard and by aligning the high level vision to day-to-day activities, I have seen significantly improved performance – for my team and myself. Dennis is a highly motivated, personable and ethical colleague and I would heartily recommend him and OutSell Consulting!”

Adrienne Laughlin Virgilio Was Dennis' client

“I would highly recommend Dennis on so many levels. Professional, personable, and results oriented, Dennis was a pleasure to work with and I would hire him again in an instant if the need arose!”

Matthew Hawk Ph.D., Assoc. Vice President, OutSell Consulting, Inc., worked directly with Dennis at Rewards Network

“Dennis is an outstanding management consultant and trainer who brings a positive outlook to every situation. His warm personal style and technical sales skills enable him to effect positive change in a wide variety of sales organizations. The Rewards Network project in particular required a great deal of flexibility and the ability to read and react effectively to a dynamic client situation. The results were outstanding. Dennis’s personal qualities of humor, humility, loyalty, and discretion combined with his professional skills as a consultant and trainer make him an extremely valuable player.”

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